Monday, June 16, 2014

USask is run by historians? Maybe that explains things....

Merle Massie has a post up at Active History that casts light on the recent explosion at the University of Saskatchewan -- by pointing out how much the process has been shaped by historians.

Massie also has a blog where she promotes "The Hundred Mile History Diet" -- the best image for local history I've seen in a long time. And a book, Forest Prairie Edge, that practises it:
"Saskatchewan is the epitome of the “prairie” provinces, even though half of the province is covered by boreal forest. The Canadian penchant for dividing this vast country into easily-understood “regions” has reduced the Saskatchewan identity to its southern prairie denominator and has distorted cultural and historical interpretations to favor the prairie south.
Forest Prairie Edge is a deep-time investigation of the edge land, or ecotone, between the open prairies and boreal forest of Saskatchewan."
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