Wednesday, December 04, 2013

History of the United States: Obamacare

We don't cover much American history here, let along American politics. And it is hard to distinguish signal from noise in the intense American news coverage we get here.  But evidence does seem to be piling up that this Obamacare thing really is going to be transformative down there. Here's the testimony of a guy who has being paying privately for health insurance coverage for his family at $1500 a month and rising. He just signed on (through that infamous website, no big problem) for a platinum plan with the very same private provider but now under the Affordable Care Act:
Once I factor in the lower co-pays, the dental, and the far cheaper premiums, I’m going to save at least $12,000 this year. No, that’s not quite right: I’m probably going to spend most of it, maybe replace our 12-year-old bed or my 13-year-old car or our 20-year-old washing machine—all things we’ve put off for years while we shoveled money to those skimming middlemen. I can’t believe my situation is unique, so multiply me by a few million individual-market serfs and that’s an enormous amount of money that’s going to start circulating through the productive economy.
(Yanks are getting dental? he said selfishly)

Update:  T'other hand, there is this testimony that's not so positive.
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