Monday, July 08, 2013

History of Depression, not the economic kind.

Edward Shorter, historian of medicine at the University of Toronto, a historian who teaches in a faculty of medicine, gets some attention from HNN for his new work How Everyone Became Depressed: the Rise and Fall of the Nervous Breakdown.
Have you noticed any difference in the response to your work from historians versus psychiatrists?
Psychiatrists are very interested in the historical perspectives because they can see the obvious power that an understanding of history brings to appreciating the current situation.
Historians haven’t been so interested. 

The interview is by Robin Lindley, who looks pretty cross-disciplinary himself:
Robin Lindley ( is a Seattle writer and attorney, and features editor for the History News Network. His interviews with scholars, writers and artists have appeared in HNN, Crosscut, Writer’s Chronicle, Real Change, The Inlander, and other publications. He has a particular interest in the history of medicine, the subject of several of his articles.
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