Monday, November 12, 2012

Soon there will only be one big blog... and us

There's this trend, see, by which successful blogs that can deliver the readers get bought up by bigger media that shower them with marketing and resources and money and all.  So Andrew Sullivan went to The Daily Beast, and Nate Silver went to the New York Times, and even Tenured Radical went all Chronicle of Higher Education on us.

Now Slate has acquired Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy, calling it the best science blog in the galaxy. Actually, Last Word on Nothing is that, but BA's not bad at all.

But when Slate wants a history blog, they cannot find one good enough, it seems. So they have started their own, The Vault, written by someone who isn't even a historian, far as we can tell, and promises one measly reproduced document a week.

Guess they didn't know we were available....
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