Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Papers for the LGBTI Alms conference in Amsterdam

Wonderful pieces researched and written for an upcoming conference in Amsterdam, LGBTI Alms 2012: The Future LGBTI Histories, by friend and colleague Don McCleod of the University of Toronto and the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives.

Serendipity and the Papers of Magnus Hirschfeld: The Case of Ernst Maass
  • a fascinating account about the powerful of technology for historical research

From Paper, to Microform, to Digital? LGBTI Serials at the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives
  • "...overview of the changing status of the archives. McLeod focuses on the manner of storage, and especially the question of what the chances are of making paper and microform material available to researchers in digital form."
You can read other internationally themed papers on the conference blog.


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