Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Boring technical note (I hope): From blogspot.com to blogspot.ca

I started this blog on blogger software because in 2004 it was about the only blogging platform I was aware of.  I' remain agnostic about the rival virtues and drawbacks of WordPress, Blogger, and the various other blog programs available, and I've stayed with Blogger because it's never seemed worth changing.

But apparently Google, Blogger's owner, is changing Blogger beneath me.  When I signed up, all Blogger account were dot-com, usually as a URL ending in blogspot.com.  But apparently Blogger is migrating to country domains, and you may begin to see this blog's URL showing up as blogspot.ca.

This should make no difference to your reading of the blog (or, as far as I can tell, to our writing of it either).  And by and large I prefer to be on the dot-ca domain anyway.  But if you are interested in the technical details, here's a FAQ from Google about it.
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