Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wise men (some women, too) on the prorogation

A blue ribbon collection of political scientists, lawyers and scholars wants you to know "the rules concerning the appointment of government." They pronounce their views in a de haut en bas voice that seems calculated to offend everyone who reads it...
In light of the recent events, it has become clear that many Canadians are unfamiliar with some of the basic rules of our constitutional democracy. In a recent Ipsos Reid poll, 51% of participants mistakenly thought that Canadians directly elect their Prime Minister. We feel that it is our duty, as constitutional scholars, to clarify for the public the rules governing the appointment of government.
...but it is still worth reading.

Late Update: Sorry, some incompetent minion on the technical staff forgot to include the link. It's now there. (Thanx, Mark Reynolds) Stephen MacLean points out the same crew has an op-ed in The Star. And reader Chrystal Ocean recommends Kady O'Malley's conversation with some of the authors on her Maclean's blog.
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