Friday, April 23, 2021

Invading the Legislature, 2021 and 1849

Hadn't thought of this one. But at Borealia, Dan Horner compares the January 6 invasion of the United States Capital building in Washington, DC, to the April 25, 1849 invasion of the Parliament of the Province of Canada in Montreal (when the building was destroyed).  Indeed, it works.
The actions of the Tory crowd once they reached parliament also bore a marked resemblance to those of Donald Trump’s supporters at the American capitol in January. The intentions of these Tory rioters were clear. Unable to assert themselves as victors in the democratic process, they sought to intimidate their rivals and cast doubts on the legitimacy of the colony’s political institutions. They chanted and hollered, sang and threw stones. Finding little in the way of security after their political allies in parliament had shot down calls to summon the troops from the garrison, they made their way into the building and on to the floor of the legislature, where they interrupted the business of parliament that was still in session, shouting and shuffling papers on the desks of parliamentarians.

Updated, April 26: From Wikisource, a reminiscence of the 1849 riots from Alfred Perry, the man who claimed to have led the mob to the Parliament and personally started the fire that destroyed the building.  (Thanks to Russ Chamberlayne)

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