Tuesday, November 24, 2020

This Month at Canada's History

Just reaching subscribers, the December 2020 Canada's History has as its cover feature a terrific story by Nathan Greenfield on artist and war artist Molly Lamb Bobak. Also -- who knew? -- Ted Glenn finds a Canadian connection for Lawrence of Arabia.  And a lively excerpt from Janice Forsyth's new book Reclaiming Tom Longboat: Indigenous Self-Determination in Canadian Sport.  

My own article this month considers historians' contribution to Canadians' understanding of what reconciliation means. It's called "Finding Reconciliation"  and the tag line is

Are non-Indigenous Canadians ready to concede that we all live on land meant to be shared? Our historians suggest that we should be."

Plus lots of features, and a heap of reviews that starts with Bob Rae on WPM Kennedy, a visit to historic Steveston and, in the Holiday Buying Guide, a survey of the rich supply of CanHist the publishers are making available this year.  If you subscribed like you oughta, you'd already have it in your hands.

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