Friday, November 20, 2020

Prize Watch: Wesley Pue Prize to John Borrows

The W. Wesley Pue Prize in socio-legal studies is not exactly or necessarily a history prize, but the topic may be of interest to readers here, and some will know Wes Pue's contributions to the legal history of western Canada and Britain and more widely. Also, I think Wes Pue is the first and only personal friend of mine to be honoured with a book prize in his name, so.

The Canadian Law and Society Association has announced the winner of the W. Wesley Pue Book Prize in Canadian Social-legal Studies for 2019.

The winner is John Borrows for Law’s Indigenous Ethics. The citation says:

In its use of Anishinaabe stories and methodologies drawn from the emerging field of Indigenous studies, Law’s Indigenous Ethics makes a significant contribution to scholarly debate and is an essential resource for readers seeking a deeper understanding of Indigenous rights, societies, and cultures.
John Borrows is a member of the Chippewa of Nawash First Nation and a professor of law at the University of Victoria. 

Update, December 2: I've just realized a second friend of mine has a book prize named for him. Fred Kerner, journalist, writer, publisher, pillar of the Writers' Union and the Canadian Authors' Association in his day, is honoured in the Fred Kerner Award, given annually by the CAA.  This year's winner is Adrienne Drobnies for Salt and Ashes, a volume of poetry.  Nice to have distinguished friends; sad they are gone from us.

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