Tuesday, October 08, 2019

New history podcast

Eugene Forsey
Christopher Dummitt, historian at Trent University in Peterborough, announces he's launching a podcast.  It's going to be "1867 and All That," an audio-history of Canada 1837 to 1885, produced wit the support of Trent. Chris says:
The goal is to do some pretty fun storytelling about some of the most important parts of our political history. And it’s aimed at people who like history but aren’t professional historians (though my guess is that some historians who like political history will find it fun too).
The program doesn't actually launch until January 2020, but there's a teaser up. (That's the Apple App Store)

Chris also has an article in the current Canadian Historical Review on Eugene Forsey and the fall of the term "Dominion" from Canadian usage.  In it, he returns to Carl Berger's 1970 book The Sense of Power and endorses its argument that in 19th century Canada, "Imperialism was a form of nationalism."  Funny, I went back to that book some time ago and concluded (again) that it is a good, important book but no, imperialism really was a form of colonialism.
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