Monday, September 09, 2019

Moore speaks: on Statues and Citizenships

In July I participated in a discussion of controversial statues and what to do with them, held at McMaster University in Hamilton and moderated by Toronto journalist Steve Paikin, under the sponsorship of the Wilson Institute and the Socrates Institute there.

If I had been keeping up with the Wilson Institute blog like I oughta, I would have known that they have put the film of the whole event up right here.  You can watch James Dashuk, Vanessa Watts and me go into it with Steve and a lively audience of several hundred.  Props to historical philanthropist Lynton "Red" Wilson, McMaster's ex-chancellor and major donor, for making it possible.

Meanwhile, I'm discussing this topic again soon.

On September 17, at McArthur Hall at Queen's University west campus [UPDATE: now moved to] the Grand Theatre on Princess Street in Kingston, I will be participating in another discussion on this issue, a public meeting organized by the Heritage office of the City of Kingston.

It is laudable that the city is engaging its citizens in discussion of this matter. Kingston has Macdonald memorabilia like no other place in Canada. It has the John A. Parkway (and the Macdonald Cartier freeway close by), the Macdonald gravesite, Macdonald walking tours, and many Macdonald homes, sites, statues, and associations. Decisions by the City of Kingston about its honours to John A. would obviously have an impact on the state of this debate nationwide. For details and ticket info for this event, featuring Bob Watts, Charlotte Gray and Lee Maracle as well as me, look here.
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