Friday, August 16, 2019

Ged Martin at H-Can

H-Canada, which in the primordial internet once facilitated lively historical discussion, is now mostly just notifications of conferences and publications. But I was grateful recently to be reminded by it of "Martinalia," a section of the website of the (somewhat) retired Professor Ged Martin, noted historian of most of the British empire and particularly Canada. Martinalia is where Martin posts a very diverse range of his writing that never quite got published elsewhere

H-Can's reference is to his historiographical essay on A.R.M. Lower's and Northrop Frye's blinkered (or blinded) visions of a Canada in which French Canada barely registers at all.  This "marginalia" would be a major article for many scholars.  But there is a good deal else in Martinalia, all of which testifies to Martin's careful scholarship and to the global reach of his interests. I might have thought I was the only student of confederation to have dug out a recent edition of Lord Carnarvon's diaries for its confederation material. Martin, however, has read it all where I only dipped, and amassed a truly terrifying list of its errors and shortcomings.
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