Thursday, January 24, 2019

This Month at Canada's History: judging John A

On the cover this month: Lee Maracle, Frederic Boily, Charlotte Gray and I weigh in on John A Macdonald and what do to with those statues, that reputation.

Lee Maracle: "My grandfather, Chief Dan George, is probably the most painted and photographed Indigenous man in Canadian history, but there is no monument to his work toward reconciliation that took place long before the TRC or the closure of the schools.... The former chair of the TRC, Murray Sinclair says we should stop arguing about whether schools should be named after Sir John A. Macdonald and start thinking about how to honour overlooked Indigenous heroes.  I am up for that."  (Read more Lee Maracle here.)

Also in the issue: a Canadian survival guide, how groundhogs replaced bears as weather predictors, and the life and achievements of Louise Armaindo, pioneer bike racer.  Full details here.  Subscribe.
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