Thursday, August 09, 2018

Who says no one cares about confederation history?

Yours for under $800K -- historical value optional

Toronto Star has a story today about how you can buy a handsome mid-19th century heritage property in Halifax for less than a modest condo in Toronto would cost you -- and the house has the added allure of being the home of  Nova Scotian lawyer, journalist, and statesman Jonathan McCully, a "Father of Confederation" who was a vigorous advocate for confederation in the successful campaign to have the province of Nova Scotia ratify union in 1867.

But then, there is the viewpoint of a former owner of the property, filmmaker Paul Donovan, who does not see the historical allure of McCully:
Donovan said he was not drawn to the house because of its connections to Confederation. In fact, he doesn’t like McCully or Confederation very much.
Nova Scotia’s entry into Canada brought an end to natural free trade and harmed its economy, Donovan said.
“I’ve always thought Confederation was a bad idea, though it’s a little late to undo it,” he said.
He referred to McCully as a “bad spirit” within the house.
Talk about holding a grudge!  Somehow I fear a copy of my 1867: How the Fathers Made a Deal, in which McCully and the Nova Scotia debates feature prominently, would not persuade him. The black legend of confederation is strong.

Photo Source:: Toronto Star
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