Saturday, July 28, 2018

History of public memory fights: remembering Ginger Goodwin or not

Who'd a thunk it?  The Vancouver Sun notes the centenary of the shooting of union leader and conscription resister Ginger Goodwin -- and ends with an glimpse of how nasty and petty provincial politics can be in this country
On July 27, B.C.’s NDP government proclaimed Ginger Goodwin Day to mark the 100th anniversary of his “untimely death.”
The NDP has also renamed Hwy. 19 near Cumberland Ginger Goodwin Way. A previous NDP government had done so in the 1990s, but the provincial Liberals changed it when they got into power in 2001.
Photo: From Vancouver Sun/Paul Rudan

Update, August 20:  I now see that Daniel Francis was way ahead of me on this story.
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