Tuesday, July 31, 2018

History: journalism about dead people?

Thoughts on history from super-editor Tina Brown, in The Vanity Fair Diaries 1983-1992, a very entertaining gossipy summer read, though it did make me wish we had a magazine culture in Canada  even slightly like the London/New York one she describes:
... talking to the historian Asa Briggs about Richard Nixon. "I think he will be like Richard III," said Briggs.  Nixon will have his demonology. But also his admirers in every century." [,,,,] I have come to realize that history is only point-of-view journalism about dead people. There is no objective truth about anything. This is what Nixon meant when Henry Kissinger in White House Years says, "History will treat you differently, Mr. President." And Nixon replies, "It depends who writes it." 
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