Thursday, May 24, 2018

This Month at Canada's History

Cover story at Canada's History this month features Marilyn Dickson on Eileen Vollick, first woman to earn a pilot's licence in Canada:
"I have never been afraid to go after anything I wanted and to stay until I got it," she wrote, so, "one day I ventured into the proprietor's den and asked him, 'Can a girl learn to fly?'"
Also, Ray Argyle on Solomon Sanderson, the Cree chief who created the term "First Nations" -- in 1980. Cynthia Levine-Rasky on the Roma in Canada. And Peter Blow on a Canadian freedom fighter executed by the Spanish in 19th century Cuba. And much more.

For my own column, I talked to Ian Milligan about Big Data and historians' plans to gain access to and control of what is being called "the infinite archives" -- the vast amounts of historical source material that lives online and only online.  Subscribe!
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