Thursday, October 26, 2017

CanCult history at CMQ 100

While Monique Joly celebrates how our artists have all become digital content providers for the global market, CNQ magazine celebrates its 100th issue with histories and memoirs of the emergence (and recession) of CanLit publishing when being here was more vital than selling foreign. It has excerpts from Nick Mount's CanLit history Arrival and from Handover,  Elaine Dewar's analysis of the selling of McClelland & Stewart to foreign ownership, (both noted earlier at this blog).  Anna Porter contributes a memoir of M&S's glory days. Jim Polk does something analogous for his longer time at House of Anansi. Brian Busby evicerates the killing of the (with all its flaws) New Canadian Library, which leaves much of the history of CanLit once more out of print.
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