Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Book notes: Boyer on referendums and risks

Patrick Boyer, lawyer, writer, student of referendum processes, may have an uphill struggle getting buy-in for the argument of his new book, Forcing Choice: the Risky Rewards of Referendums that "referendums are indispensable in a functioning democracy."

After the Brexit disaster, the crisis produced by the Kurdish independence referendum, and the current anarchic doings over Catalonian sovereignty, you would think that politics by referendum would be in bad odor just about everywhere.

I'm with John Ralston Saul on referendums: "The state-sponsored referendum has always been part of this logic.  Stop the talk, we're going to decide, yes or no.  At that point the citizens' role is to wave one flag or the other and cheer for one side of the simple question or the other. " (Reflections of a Siamese Twin)
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