Saturday, September 30, 2017

More history of taxes (which is better than more taxes, I guess)

See why historians should welcome anniversaries and centenaries?  Canada150 sparked more lively and useful debate about Reconciliation than almost anything else has managed to do.  The War of 1812 started some lively discussion about militarism and "old" history. The Vimy 100 seemed to conclude with a decisive victory in the meaning of Vimy wars for the Ian McKay forces

And to add to the Heaman, Tillotson, and Tough histories of income tax at its one hundredth, recently noted by Active History's Tax Week (okay, it's not quite as big as Shark Week...), comes news that the Canadian Tax Foundation has its own tax history book, Income Tax at 100 Years, a collection of conference pieces edited by Jinyan Li, Scott Wilkie, and Larry F. Chapman and available from the foundation's website  ($90, however, maybe for specialists or libraries!)
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