Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Just another day in Canadian History

We try to keep this a history blog -- not a historian's blog about politics and current events like some others gradually become -- but the summer's history news doldrums (or just mine?) seem to linger on. The Cundill prize longlist came out, but I'll wait for the shortlist in a week or two

For something to inspire a post, I took a look at "Today in Canadian History."  Turns out nothing very spectacular happened in Canada on September 27.  These are the lead features from the Canada Channel/Northern Blue online publication "Today" listings
1806 - Isaac Brock appointed to command British forces in Upper Canada.
1876 - Sitting Bull leads Sioux people toward Canada after the Battle of the Little Bighorn.
1888 - Vancouver Mayor David Oppenheimer opens Stanley Park, named to honour the Governor General.
2005 - Michaƫlle Jean installed as Governor General of Canada, succeeding Adrienne Clarkson
But even if today ain't so spectacular, I have to say how impressive is the research Canada Channel has put into this feature.  Their list goes on and on, for pages -- and it's like that for every day of the year.  Good work, team.

Also today in Canadian history: I'm speaking as part of a Canada150 Law Society of Upper Canada legal history seminar, "Lawyers and Canada at 150."  Throwing us a lunch too -- always a pleasure at Osgoode Hall.
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