Monday, August 21, 2017

Summertime blogs

Blog readership and production around the blogosphere slow down during the summer.  A tribute to the season, or more proof of the malevolent influence of the academic calendar, I don't know.

My blog list to the right of this page has been a bit uninspiring lately, I fear, So I'm glad to add a blog that has just come to my attention, though it has been around a while: Memorious, a pretty active and pretty serious blog about things historical by Ted McCormick, who teaches European history at Concordia in Montreal. Elegantly laid out, too.  Recent sampling:
What motivated me to look at the makeup of full-time, permanent history faculty in 25 departments was curiosity about their temporal focus. To be blunt: how many of us work on the last one or two hundred years, as opposed to the thousands of years before 1800?
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