Saturday, August 12, 2017

More History of bookselling

I was planning to post a notice of today's Charlottetown launch for Anne McDonald's Miss Confederation (preface by moi):
when Anne sent me this photo of her own disproof of Gibson's Law -- Miss Confederation being central in the shot, but in which no less than two books of mine feature, thereby also disproving Gibson's Corollary about author's books and author's friends.

So surrender:  Islanders, head to the launch. The rest of you, just go out and buy all the books shown here.

Or:  send me your own disproof of Gibson's Law: author and book and bookstore in one shot.  Identify location: photo may be published here.  There may be prizes.

Also a nice review of Miss Confederation here, though Paul Bennett mistakenly credits me with being the first historain to write about Mercy Coles. (Some guy called Creighton was way ahead of me!)
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