Friday, June 16, 2017

History of Sgt Pepper at Fifty

For the fiftieth anniversary of the release of "Sgt Pepper\s Lonely Hearts Club Band," (and the inevitable release of an overblown multi-album remastering, etc; promo above), this guy has come up with a ranking, from #213 to #1, of every recorded Beatles song.

And nearly every song title sparks an "I know that one" response -- not only, I suspect, from those who remember where they were when they first heard "Sgt Pepper" on the car radio. I think the compiler is too susceptible to MacCartney's cheese over Lennon's toughness, and inevitably the whole list is highly contestable.  But fun how the suspense builds ("Rain" made the top 10?), and with lots of videos attached.

Speaking of anniversaries, it was Eric Hobsbawn's hundredth birthday the other day, and it turns out he has the same birthday as me  (though quite a lot of years earlier!).  Here's an appreciation.
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