Monday, January 16, 2017

Margaret Evans on the life of women academics

Margaret Evans
Beth Robertson has some reflections on women in academia at Active History

Which reminds me.  I recently needed a little detail about the Mowat administration in Ontario, so I googled Mowat and Professor Margaret Evans, his biographer.

Up came, pretty high on the list, an obituary notice for Margaret Evans, who died, unnoted by me at least, late in 2014... at the age of 100. On the subject of the careers of early women academics, whoever drafted the funeral home obit knew a thing or two.
Attending University during the Great Depression, and being told that her education was a waste because, being a woman, she would get married and then not use it....
...After little more than eight years of marriage, and left with three young children to raise, in addition to returning to work, she also returned to the University of Toronto full-time for a year to do research for her PhD, graduating in 1967. Her thesis has been cited as "the most important work on late nineteenth century political life in Ontario".
Margaret Evans later served as head of the history department at the University of Guelph, the first woman in such a position in Ontario, it says.

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