Monday, January 30, 2017

Book Notes: Mellor on Dieppe republished

Vimy @100 is not the only Canadian military anniversary of 2017.

Ron Caplan reminds me that this is also the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Dieppe Raid -- in some ways as central to Canadian memory of the Second World War as Vimy is to that of the First.

Caplan's Cape Breton Books this year republishes John Mellor's Dieppe: Canada's Forgotten Heroes. Given the number of books on Dieppe that appeared both before and after its first publication in 1975, one might quibble with the "forgotten" in the subtitle. But it's good to see work like this returning to print. Good to see reprints in Canadiana anytime, in fact.

Caplan writes, "I am also searching for Cape Bretoners who fought in the raid. I had been told that there were none but have since located two." History continues apace.

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