Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Wilson Institute series on Confederation

The Wilson Institute at McMaster University in Hamilton is running a nine-speaker series on Canada and Confederation this winter, wrapping up with me on April 6. From their announcement:
As part of the Wilson Institute’s involvement in Canada’s 150th anniversary, this year’s Visiting Speaker Series will be devoted entirely to Confederation. However, rather than simply celebrating Canada and Confederation, we want to examine the subject within a more critical framework. We have therefore lined-up a series of speakers tackling important issues such as the impact of Confederation on Indigenous peoples, Confederation in the context of 19th century North American nation-building, and the environmental impact of Confederation.
The first three events have already been held. The next, on the afternoon of Thursday, December 1, features Marcel Martel of York University, asking “Is There Anything New and Original to say about French Canada and Confederation?” (I'm guessing, yes, probably there is)
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