Wednesday, November 16, 2016

This month at Canada's History

The Dec-Jan issue of Canada's History, now reaching subscribers, features Jacques Plante's hockey mask on the cover and a package of stories by leading sportswriters exploring the great hockey games of each of the Canadian NHL teams. Nicely done.

Forrest Pass from the Canadian Museum of History offers new material on the Klondike gold discoveries, drawing on a newly donated diary and letters by William Scouse, who arrived in the Yukon in 1896 and actually hit pay dirt on Eldorado Creek shortly after the first big discovery.  

And more, including a substantial book and gift guide. My own column is on 1917 and 2017;
It will often be said in the months to come that Canada 'became a nation' at Vimy Ridge.  But victory at Vimy only happened because in 1917 Canada was already a nation -- one that could raise, equip, and send overseas a fighting force with the leadership and esprit de corps of a national army capable of fighting the Vimy battle.
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