Monday, November 07, 2016

History of Valium in Politics

Russ Chamberlayne reminds me that next week is the fortieth anniversary of the election of the first Parti Quebecois government in Quebec, November 15, 1976. And that "Okay, everybody take a Valium" may be good political advice once again.

He writes, "Democratic politics and the rule of law have a way of slowly but inexorably quelling the deplorable intentions of the most populist leaders, whose bombast eventually grows tiresome in the face of long-valued principles and ideas."

Thanks, Russ. I'll confess I'm more attracted by the poster that went out on an election eve eight years ago, when lots of people still feared that the United States would be unable to elect a black man as president. I'd like to see Hillary Clinton adopting a little of Barack Obama's legendary cool and control and giving out a reassuring message:
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