Friday, October 07, 2016

Isn't there enough credit to go around in the Franklin searches?

The Arctic Research Foundation is lawyering up and going negative to defend its actions in growing dispute over the Franklin search.

As reporters uncover fresh evidence that the ARF violated its explorations permits and agreements with Parks Canada, and then concealed its Terror discovery from Parks Canada  until it could amass favourable PR, the Foundation unleased lawyer Will MacDowell, a well-known civil litigator in Toronto, who transferred the blame elsewhere and declared that "there may be an agenda in play focused on discrediting ARF, its people and its work."

Last year it was John Geiger and the Royal Canadian Geographic Society that were being accused of trying to steal the limelight  -- and the ARF led the grousing. The year before it was Prime Minister Harper. This year it is the ARF. Isn't Arctic exploration worth doing right and doing respectfully?
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