Thursday, May 26, 2016

Blogging for scholars

Tina Adcock reports that history blogging goes under the microscope at the Canadian Historical Association this weekend in Calgary.
The time is right to begin a collective discussion about how blogging is reshaping the ways in which we research, write, publish, and teach Canadian history. Bright and early on the morning of Monday, May 30th, five editors of group blogs — myself (The Otter~La Loutre), Keith Grant (Borealia), Stacy Nation-Knapper (Findings/Trouvailles), Beth Robertson (Active History), and Corey Slumkoski (Acadiensis’ blog) — will share their thoughts at the annual meeting of the Canadian Historical Association. Sean Kheraj will moderate the conversation.
The test will be to see how many blog about the session while it's still hot.  Tho' maybe the twitterstorians will dominate that.

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