Saturday, April 16, 2016

Help: Where is Sophronia buried?

We get mail:
May seem to be a weird question, but I'd like to know!
Where would they bury a prostitute who died in 1883, in Toronto? There is a record of her death, but no record to be found of her burial. So what did they do with them? She left a will for her 2 children and she was a very intelligent lady. So what would the laws have been in such a case? Supposedly her husband found her dead at age of 43-46, at home. Would there have been an investigation of why she died? She adopted my Great Grandmother, and seen to it she'd be well cared for, she also had a son named William Walter Beard. Don't know what happened to him either. Her adopted daughter's name was Gertrude Estelle Marion Howe. Her husband's name according to her will was Joseph Henry Howe, he went by Henry Howe. Her name was Sophronia/Sophrona Matilda Howe, who also went by Mrs. Beard. She owned 3 homes in Toronto, when she died.

Anyways, Senator Henry A. Mullins and his wife Annie, took in my Great Grandmother, in after her mother died, but there was no mention of her in his will, so they didn't adopt her. She died in Saskatchewan.

I have contacted the Cemeteries, so far no burial record to be found for Sophrona.
Any and all useful answers or suggestions for research will be forward to my correspondent - otherwise unknown to me.

Updates:  Chris Raible:

I suggest contacting the Ontario Genealogical Society. They have been most helpful to me in the past.
Or, in this case, maybe the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society too.  The likeliest names don't come up on its online burial index, but it might have additional resources.

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