Monday, February 15, 2016

History of Flag and Family Day

In Ontario, it's "Family Day" and a holiday.  But this year Family Day falls on Flag Day, 15 February, though that's not a holiday, anywhere to my knowledge.  Celebrate as you will.

Republic Now marks Flag Day by complaining that other flags take precedence when British members of the royal family come on holiday here.  Quite a few of them, apparently.
Meantime, over the last four years, the government tasked the Canadian Heraldic Authority at Rideau Hall with creating “Canadianized” flags for British royals – Charles, William, Andrew, Edward, Anne–five in all…hardly Canadian, since they mostly use British templates. And, you guessed it, they eclipse the Maple Leaf, too.
Surely it is not Edward Day?

Image: Republic Now.

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