Thursday, December 03, 2015

Season of scholarly press book deals

Published a book with a university press? (No small segment of readers here have, I guess.) This is the season when many university presses promote special sales to their authors on all their titles. Here's UBC Press's offer.
We are extending your author/volume editor discount to 50% off all available UBC Press books until December 31, 2015
And here is University of Toronto Press's End-of-Year Sale promising 40 to 70% discounts on over 2000 titles (some by me!), to authors and non-authors alike.

Forty per cent is not as huge as it sounds. That's the normal discount (off list price) that publishers offer bookstores, who cover their overheads from the list price.  Sold to you directly, there is no bookstore cost.

Still a deal's a deal.
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