Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Human Rights Museum gets some love

Martin Knelman in the Toronto Star notices that, after a year in operation, the Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg is a hit.
The museum is exceeding attendance targets, drawing tourists and boosting the prairie city’s economy. Its target for annual attendance was 250,000, but in its first year it drew 400,000.

Meanwhile, it has won 24 international, national and regional awards.
It's been called one of Canada's best looking buildings, made Travel and Leisure magazine's "top five coolest buildings in the world" list, and helped put Winnipeg on the must-see destinations list of National Geographic Traveller.

As Knelman says, this all follows teething pains that involved a "brutal set of obstacles, most conspicuously a vitriolic and long-running chorus of hostility." 

Image: Toronto Star.
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