Tuesday, October 27, 2015

In the Post today: An idea about leadership for the Conservative Party

I know, strange bedfellow
Readers of this blog already know why MPs should hire (and fire, when needed) their own leaders. But this morning you can read it in the National Post Full Comment section.
There must be some in the Conservative caucus who shared the public’s chagrin at seeing Parliament rendered ever more meaningless in the Harper years.
Those MPs now have an opportunity to step forward. They should ensure that when the post-election caucus of Conservative MPs meets, the MPs will select, not an interim leader waiting for the results of a faraway and extra-parliamentary leadership race, but a real parliamentary leader. The MPs should assert their right to choose Harper’s successor, the new leader of the Conservative Party, the new leader of the Loyal Opposition. They should tell the party executive to make the next Conservative convention a policy conference, not a leadership race.
Can they do that? Absolutely.
I expect to keep my Cassandra quotient (times right/times listened to) at infinity. But who knows?
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