Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Prize Watch: the G-G for Bee Time

 Mark Winston, a world recognized expert on bees and longtime prof at Simon Fraser University, wins the 2015 Governor General's Award in Nonfiction for Bee Time, published by Harvard University Press.
It's a full body experience being among the bees. First you hear the sound, the low hum of tens of thousands of female workers flying in and out of their hives, each circling the apiary to get her bearings and then heading off purposefully in a literal beeline toward blooming flowers.
I wasn't greatly taken by the nonfiction shortlist, but this seems like a valid winner: scientific precision, memoirist prose...  Sorry, historians.

The historical part of the GGs this year, I guess is the win for my old friend Guy Vanderhaege, for a short story collection Daddy Lenin.  It's his third win in the fiction category. Rarified air, Guy, congratulations.
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