Thursday, August 27, 2015

Selfies: Moore in the National Post, and the CHR

  • First the Post:  Regulars on this blog know the views regularly expressed here on party leadership and the proper relationship of leaders to caucus MPs. Yesterday, provoked by some of the political assumptions revealed in the Duffy trial, I took that idea to the National Post and they are running it today. The Post is not my political soulmate, but the people there will run my pieces more than the Star or the Globe have.  And I do think it is a commendably non-partisan POV for the middle of an election campaign.  You can find the op-ed  "Want to fix the Senate? Fix the House first" right here.
  • On the scholarly journal side, the Canadian Historical Review for September has Blake Brown's very gratifying review of my Court of Appeal for Ontarifrom last fall (along with Dale Brawn's study of Manitoba courts). Who knew the phrase "worthy of unabashed praise" was even allowed in scholarly reviewing?
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