Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Moore on Macdonald in the Canadian Historical Review

My thoughts on Macdonald at 200, a collection of essays edited by Patrice Dutil and Roger Hall, and Canada Transformed: The Speeches of John A. Macdonald edited by Sarah Gibson and Arthur Milnes, are the lead review in the June Canadian Historical Review, available today to subscribers.
Canada Transformed: The Speeches of Sir John A. Macdonald is a bicentennial project by a Kingston-centered group of Macdonald admirers, and I momentarily quailed at having to plough through 450 pages of Victorian oratory. No fear. Most of the speeches here are not formal platform orations but drawn from the House of Commons Debates. Full of lively exchanges between Macdonald and his opposition critics, they should inform anyone with an interest in workaday 19th century politics.
Once I understood I needed a new password -- the damn thing wasn't just mindlessly rejecting me -- I found the new interface for the online edition of the CHR pretty welcoming. You could mostly find things on the old one if you knew what you were looking for, but the new one makes an issue more browseable.

Dundurn Press is offering Macdonald at 200 with Ged Martin's recent short biography as a "two book bundle."  Canada Transformed is from McClelland & Stewart

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