Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What's at the local museum lately?

I sleepily heard someone on morning radio today talking about a Jane Austen Christmas dinner recreation being featured at one of Toronto's preserved historic houses.  Goose pie! And it was so quickly sold out that they had to add another sitting.

I don't see that event listed here, but I'm as ever charmed and impressed by the range of activity that does go on at the historic sites and places in my city and doubtless around yours too.  Nice to hear they are popular too, given the temptation around here to spend the holidays in a chocolate-and-holly family stupor.

But I think I will bestir the gang for The Lost Dhow, an exhibit at the new Aga Khan Museum in Toronto -- a story which sounded pretty terrific when I read about it on some history blog years ago.

Go do something historico-cultural this holiday.
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