Wednesday, November 05, 2014

History of Bridges

It's dumpy, and slow, and old - maybe not the Rocket after all

Charlevoix has the story of the debate in Montreal over the name to be given to the new bridge that will replace the Pont Champlain.  It is rumoured the feds will call it the Pont Richard for the Rocket, Maurice Richard.

I would have thought anything Rocket would go over well in Montreal, but apparently there is some outrage. What, dethrone Champlain?  Must say, I kinda love the idea of the Pont Maurice-Richard. But since I can see the affection for the Pont Champlain (there is also a Jacques-Cartier), I also kinda like the suggestion for how to have both Champlain and Richard.  Rename the Pont Victoria the Pont Richard -- and let the new Champlain be Champlain.

Yeah, I know the Victoria Bridge of 1859-60, first span over the St-Lawrence, significant engineering feat, vital link in making Montreal the railroad hub of Canada, etc etc, is of substantial historical significance. And mostly I'm not keen on endless erasing of historical nomenclature.  But we don't name the streets after Dorchester much anymore....

Update, November 7:  okay, Andrew Coyne was pretty funny on this:

Image: Wikimedia Commons
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