Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Leadership notes

  • Toronto mayoral loser Doug Ford says he may seek the leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservative party, currently open.  It has been estimated Ford spent as much as $500,000 of his own money in losing the mayor's race. With another $500,000, Ford could purchase 50,000 memberships in the PC party and buy the win without even campaigning.  Frankly, it would look good on them (and the whole stupid process) if he did.  Update Oct 30: apparently the party has made rule to prevent that. And party leadership spending rules are always respected and enforced, sure they are.

  • Meanwhile, the Manitoba government seems to be having one of those squalid moments when most of the cabinet and caucus wants their leader gone, but the leader does not accept that he is accountable to the majority of the people's elected representatives. Looks like the NDP will spend the next six months destroying itself. My suggestion (one retweet so far -- not setting the world on fire!):
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