Monday, October 20, 2014

Canada150's Confederation mini-movies

Heritage Canada has nine new Canada150 ads up on YouTube and some at least in regular
rotation on your screens.  I dunno, I kinda liked this one.

But Andrew Coyne's quick review here:
Someone promptly responded that there is indeed a George Brown episode among 'em.  Right. But it's pretty dire.  "I was premier. Twice. [?] But I got tired of it, so I joined John A. Macdonald.  Then I died."

Update, October 24:  James Muir, from History and Law at the University of Alberta, writes:  "I agree, the Brown video is dour, but not much more than the others. They actually make for a decidedly uninteresting set of videos. A bunch of men standing on their own, not moving, lit from behind (usually)  and describing themselves as if they are ghosts reflecting on their lives and deaths

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