Thursday, September 04, 2014

Meanwhile in Prince Edward Island ...

... the Charlottetown conference+150 rolls along.  I do kinda love this photo from a few days ago of the premiers recreating the famous photograph from 1864. Premiers being who they are these days (that is, as anonymous as most of the confederation makers), I'm not even sure who that is recreating the seated John A, but Philippe Couillard is nicely placed in the George-Etienne Cartier spot.

Peter Waite describing the champagne luncheon on the Canadians' vessel on September 3:
In the warmth of eloquence and champagne, the ice melted completely.  The occasion took hold of everyone; so much so that the banns of union were read, and when no one demurred the British North American provinces were declared affianced and so it was proclaimed.
This luncheon on the Queen Victoria in Charlottetown harbour was, in a significant sense, the beginning of Confederation. 
Who are we to disagree?

Update:  Okay,  I should read my own links. That's the lieutenant-governor of Prince Edward Island seated at centre.

Update:  Coyne hated on this -- but he also puzzled over the guy in the middle

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