Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This month at Canada's History

.... the issue now reaching subscribers leads with Mark Collin Read's "What it's Like," an array of eyewitness stories about notable events, from Wolfe's death, featured on the cover) to a kid being removed from Africville in a dumptruck.  To my eye, it's very effective.

There's a confederation package too, with our sometime contributor Anne McDonald providing "Daughters of Confederation," about the unmarried daughters and sisters who attended the Quebec Conference 150 years ago this October. Text is here, but you really need the visuals in the print edition. My own piece is "Foundering Fathers" -- which wants to tell you the confederation-makers did pretty well, despite all the condescension of generations of politicians and historians. I'm here to tell you they were democrats, they were not ignorant colonials, and even their Senate plan was smarter than you think. Excerpt here.  And Phil Koch looks at Winnipeg's new Museum of Human Rights and the people behind it -- though maybe I could have used a little more context on the fierce controversies about it that we have been reading about.

If you subscribed like you oughta, you'd already have it.

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