Thursday, June 05, 2014

Walking the Western Front

Noticed today both Active History and Daniel Francis saluting the "Walking the Western Front" series the Toronto Star has been running for a while, in which a journalist and a photographer drift through the villages of Belgium and northern France, taking an appreciation of how the towns look today, noting who else is visiting the memorials, paying homage at the Canadian war cemeteries, reporting on the battles and telling the stories of some of the young Canadians who died in them.

It's nicely and tastefully done, as AH and DF note. I'm also a bit chuffed because some months ago I wrote a little piece for the Canadian Historical Review's First World War Anniversary package, in which I found myself trying to guess a bit about how this summer's commemorations might go.  So far, it seems to be holding up.  Watch for the WWI package in the forthcoming CHR, and we'll see it it still works.
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