Friday, May 16, 2014

The Politics of Plaquing Toronto

At Active History, Kaitlin Wainwright explores the hows and whys of historical plaquing, with particular reference to Heritage Toronto's upveiling of three "Women of Distinction" plaques honouring Amelia Earhart, Emma Goldman, and Joyce Wieland  -- not women you would immediately associate with each other, or with Toronto (except Wieland), but so what.

The unveiling is in association with the big Berkshire conference on women's history being held here.  And a history explaining the origins of "the little Berks" and "the big Berks" is here.

Worth following: Wainwright's link to Ian Milligan's earlier Active History piece with a nifty digital-geography analysis of the wheres and whats of plaquing.

A piece of my own on the plaquing of history is here.

Update, May 28:  A review of Berkshire conference highlights (Porter Air is one) from a participant.

(Image: Heritage Toronto)
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