Friday, May 09, 2014

Studying love of country in 1914

Frank Rockland sends along an item from the Ottawa Citizen of  Monday, October 5, 1914:
STUDY OF CANADIAN HISTORY ESSENTIAL:  SIR GEORGE FOSTER BELIEVES IT WILL INCULCATE LOVE OF COUNTRY. A strong appeal by Hon. Sir George E. Foster, minister of trade and commerce, to the young people of this great Dominion, to give time to the delightful study of Canadian history, and Canadian geography, was a pleasing feature of a monster demonstration and rally of the young Methodists of Ottawa and their friends in the auditorium at Britannia on Saturday afternoon. ....
Hon. Sir George E. Foster’s address was along patriotic lines. He hailed patriotism as a particularly wise subject, but as a decidedly hard thing to be defined. “It is made up of a great many things,” he declared. “and to begin with is largely physical.” He said that there were a great many reasons why the people of Canada should love their country and as they progressed in history their love for their country should increase abundantly. He then referred to the greatness of the Dominion and appealed to the young particularly to study the country more than they have ever done before.
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