Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Is Alison Redford bossy?

Redford 1: Last week I observed that the situation of embattled Alberta premier Alison Redford could be quickly clarified if the principle of Michael Chong's Reform Act - put the leadership to a legitimate vote -- was generally applied.

Didn't believe me? Andrew Coyne put it more clearly here on the weekend.

Even in the Alberta Tory caucus, surely there must be an MLA or two who is thinking: Why do I have to quit? Why don't we fire her instead?

Redford 2: With the media full of debate over the call to ban the word "bossy," a term mostly used to abuse assertive women, I haven't seen any linkage to or from the Redford story.  It does seem the backbenchers' principal complaint about her ("She is not a nice lady") is she's all bossypants with them.
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